05 March 2011

Support Your Local Brewery NOW!

BreakerBrewingVanAll too often people ask me, “other than buying their beer, how CAN I support my local brewery?”  Well today I’m here to say I have an answer.

Our local brewery, Breaker Brewing Co is working to expand their business by purchasing the former St Josephs Monastery property on Northampton St in Georgetown.  Check out the story here.  This is a great opportunity, not only for Breaker Brewing, but also for the local community…but there are hurdles.

On Tuesday March 8th at 7PM, Breaker Brewing Co has a public zoning hearing in the Wilkes-Barre Township Municipal building at 150 Watson St. (MAP/Directions)  Personally, I think it would be wonderful for our local craft beer community to see Mark & Chris expand their business.  I also think Breaker Brewing would be a real benefit for the local community and I’d love to see two local family-oriented guys expand their business in Wilkes-Barre Twp.

This zoning hearing IS open to the public and I DO think we, the local craft beer community, should show our support for Mark & Chris.  Do you want to see a craft brewery in Wilkes-Barre Twp?  Then show up Tuesday night, March 8th @ 7PM and Support Your Local Brewery !!!

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