21 December 2010

Breaker Brewing Co Belsnickler 2010 - Pub Culture

Here’s a quick peek at the Breaker Brewing episode of Pub Cultured the guys filmed with Lindsay Barrasse last night.

03 December 2010

BEER CAM - 3 Dec 2010 Breaker Brewing Co Belsnickler Ale

Once again Beer Cam rides on another great beer. Thanks to Mark & Chris from Breaker Brewing for letting Beer Cam ride on Belsnickler Ale 2010.

09 September 2010

30 August 2010

Breaker Brewing Pot Belly Pumpkin Ale

BreakerPotBellyJust thought you’d want a peek at the new label for this year’s Breaker Brewing Co Pot Belly Pumpkin Ale.

13 May 2010

Chip the Beer Guy – Breaker Brewing Co

breakerbrewingquietcanaryIt’s always fun to hear Chris & Mark from Breaker Brewing Co on the radio.  Today the guys talked a lot about their brewery expansion and some of the new brews heading our way.  They also sampled the Goldies Blonde Ale (wait can you say whore-house on the radio).  We had a chance to try their new Quiet Canary Saison-Style Ale a few weeks ago and really enjoyed it.  I think along with Goldies it will make a great summer beer, and I really like the label design.

Who can believe that Breaker Brewing Co is a year old already and already increasing brewing capacity by almost 3 times.  I’ve been following along with the build and the new system looks amazing (look down a few posts for photos)….and yes it definitely looks like the “hobby out of control” the guys mentioned on the show today.

Cheers to Goldies and thanks guys….fun show to listen to.

oops…apparently the show continued on after the three song break and they sampled Black Mariah….cheers again…another great beer.

12 May 2010

Breaker Brewing Co – Version 2.0

BreakerBrewingCoVersion2 As many of you know, the guys at Breaker Brewing Co have been busy building a new brewing system.  Their original 1.5bbl system was sold and they’ve been building out a new 4bbl system.  I saw many of the parts that they were using and I suspect it will come out great.  Here’s a first preliminary photo of what the new system looks like.  Cheers guys…..more beer for us!

02 May 2010

Breaker Brewing Co

breakerbrewingquietcanary breakerbrewingoldsystem

Just thought you’d want a peek at the label for the new Breaker Brewing Co Quiet Canary AND a quick photo of the old 1bbl brewing system from BBC as it moves on to it’s new home.  Adieu and cheers old brewing system….onward to 4bbl!

28 April 2010

Breaker Brewing Co – The Build Begins

BreakerWelding Here’s a quick photo from Breaker Brewing Co as they begin to fabricate their new 4bbl brewing system.  Stay tuned for further photos as the build progresses and say goodbye to their old brewing system in the background as it leaves town on Sunday.

21 April 2010

Breaker Brewing Co 1-Year Anniversary Party @ Elmer Sudds 4/23

BreakerBrewingTapList Just a reminder that the Breaker Brewing Co 1-Year anniversary party will be held THIS FRIDAY 4/23 @ Elmer Sudds in Wilkes-Barre.  The guys tell me they’ll have 5 or 6 of their beers on tap including the new Quiet Canary and Pillar IPA-- and there may even be a few surprises from Sudds.

15 April 2010

Breaker Brewing Co – 1-Year Anniversary Party, Black Mariah Release & News

BreakerNewferment I heard from Chris and he tells me that Breaker Brewing Co Black Mariah bottles will be hitting our local market tomorrow (4/16) in all of their usual outlets. I had a chance to taste the first batch of this back in March (and soon the 2nd batch) and I can tell you it’s tasty.

The Bart & Urby’s Breaker Brewing Beer dinner & Homebrew competition will be this Sunday (contact Bart & Urby’s for details). The guys will also be appearing on KRZ 98.5FM tomorrow (4/16) 8AM-9AM.

Breaker Brewing Co will mark their 1-year anniversary next week and will be celebrating this milestone at Elmer Sudds on April 23rd. The guys tell me there will be at least 6 different Breaker Brewing beers on tap including their new IPA Pillar Edition (fermented in Oak) and possibly even their new Saison-style Quiet Canary. I’m also hearing that Elmer Sudds may have a surprise in store for the party so be sure to stop by and say happy anniversary to Chris & Mark.

13 April 2010

Breaker Brewing Co on 98.5 KRZ Friday (4/16)

BreakerBrewingLogo The guys from breaker Brewing Co will be appearing

on Rocky & Sue this Friday 8am-9am or 98.5 WKJRZ .   Clicky HERE to listen on-line.

26 March 2010

Bart & Urby’s Breaker Brewing Co Beer Dinner – April 18th

BartUrbysBBCDinner I just heard from Carl and there will be a Beer Dinner Sunday April 18th (1PM) and Bart & Urby’s featuring Breaker Brewing Co beers.  There will also be a homebrew competition and other fun stuff.  Check out the attached poster for details.

17 March 2010

Breaker Brewing Co – Olde King Coal Recipes

BreakerBrownies With today being St Pat’s Day, I thought it would be appropriate to pass on some Breaker Brewing Co Olde King Coal Stout recipes.  I also thought you’d want to see the article from the Times Leader featuring the BBC kids and some “Stout” recipes.

Clicky HERE to check out the article.

05 March 2010

Breaker Brewing 16-Ton DIPA Bottles Hit the Street


Just a quick note to remind everyone that Breaker Brewing Co bottles are hitting the street today.  Look for them at Krugels and, Brewers Outlet and more places coming soon.

03 March 2010

Breaker Brewing Co – New Beers & Updated Recipes (Black Mariah)

BreakerBrewingBlackMariah Chris was nice enough to pass on a few updates from Breaker Brewing Co that I know you will all like.  First, as many of you may know already, Lunch Pale Ale is doing well and widely available in our area.  The recipe for I Love PA has been tweaked again to add more hops in the dry-hopping process (not to mention a few other changes);  and 16-Ton IPA 22oz bottles will be hitting the bars and bottle shops later this week.

The big news is the release of their new beer Black Mariah.  Black Mariah is Dark beer brewed with Cocoa, dark Belgium candy sugar, and a plethora of specialty malts . It has a roasty dark chocolate complex taste that finishes with a hint of black cherry.  (Thank you Brandon for the photo).  Watch for Black Mariah to hit the bars first, to be followed by a second batch for 22oz bottles later.

Chris was also nice enough to tease a few new beers coming soon that will be named "Quiet Canary" & "Black Diamond" so stay tuned for details.  Finally, the guys will be appearing on the Chip the Beer Guy show on Rock 107 this Friday (3/5), so be sure to tune in and listen.  Cheers to Chris & Mark….exciting news.

29 January 2010

Breaker Brewing Co – 16-Ton IPA is Out!

BreakerBrewing16TonLabel I just heard from Chris and he tells me the new Breaker Brewing Co 16-Ton Double IPA is being delivered  today.  He’s not sure when any of these places will actually tap it, but kegs are going to Kelsey’s, Jessup Beverage, Sabatinis and Purvs, with more to follow.  They’ll be brewing a a double batch tomorrow for 22oz bottles so expect to see that in the future also.  Chris tells me they’re real happy with how it came out so watch for it on tap and in bottles soon.

23 January 2010

Breaker Brewing Co Expands!

BreakerNewferment Chris and Mark tell me the guys at Breaker Brewing Co have expanded with 2 NEW 3 bbl fermenting vessels!  This is great news for BBC and for local beer lovers.

22 January 2010

Breaker Brewing Co in Joe Sixpack

Here’s a little linky to a recent article on the Joe Sixpack blog about Breaker Brewing Co.  Clicky HERE.  Congratulations guys!

13 January 2010

Breaker Brewing 16-Ton Double IPA

BreakerBrewing16TonLabel Here’s a first peek at the label submitted to the TTB for Breaker Brewing Co 16-Ton IPA.  The guys tell me 16-Ton will be available mainly in 22oz bottles with perhaps a few kegs.  The beer comes in at 116 IBU with a strong malt backbone thanks to generous portions of Warrior, Nugget, Chinook and Columbus hops.  Adding to that hop bouquet, the guys dry hopped with Cascade & Nugget and aged the beer with lightly toasted oak chips to get the final brew.  16-Ton will be bottle conditioned, unfiltered, un-pasteurized AND 10.6% ABV.  Look for Breaker Brewing 16-Ton IPA to be available in a few weeks and stay tuned here and breakerbrewingcompany.com for the latest details.

As the bottle says, “After dealing with your day’s Sixteen Tons, kick back and relax with this Double IPA and let your worries blissfully fade away.”

09 January 2010

Breaker Brewing Company

Thanks to Stashu for sending in another fan movie in tribute to Breaker Brewing Co

08 January 2010

Breaker Brewing Co – All About Beer Magazine

BreakerBrewingAllAboutBeer Here’s the article I spoke about a few weeks ago featuring the BBC boys in All About Beer.  Congratulations guys.

05 January 2010

Breaker Brewing Co 16-Ton IPA – The Movie

A Fan of Breaker Brewing Co was nice enough to send in this movie as a tribute to their upcoming 16-Ton Double IPA.