29 October 2011

Breaker Brewing Co – Tap/Tasting Room & New Beer UPDATE!

IMG_4739Just in case you missed the announcement on yesterday’s WILK Friday BeerBuzz…  Not only are they working on some new beers like Coal Cracker, Susquehanna Suds, Extra Goldies and Phoebe Snow…the guys tell me they are BreakerBrewingLogo1aiming to have the new tap/tasting room at the new facility on Northampton St in Wilkes-Barre Twp. OPEN by the end of the year….Very exciting news so stay tuned for details & Updates!

AND don’t forget to visit the Teach a Friend to brew Day to be held Nov 5th from 10AM-4PM @ Breaker Brewing to take a peek at their new facility for yourself!

27 October 2011

Breaker Brewing Co–Coal Cracker & Susquehanna Suds

I’m a big fan of our very own Breaker Brewing Co…and it’s always fun to see what Mark Lehman & Chris Miller are up to…and today we have a little surprise….keg-only label approvals for Coal Cracker & Susquehanna Suds!  Stay tuned for details on these two new beers!