07 August 2009

Chip the Beer Guy Rock 107 – Breaker Brewing Goldies Strawberry Blond

BreakerBrewingVan It’s always exciting to hear Chris & Mark on the radio and even more exciting to hear how well Breaker Brewing Co has been doing.  Breaker Brewing Co is now serving their beers in 9 local bars (Elmer Sudds, Kelsey’s, The Anthracite Cafe, Dugan’s, BaR, Purvs, Backyard Ale House, Grotto Harvey’s Lake, and the Arena) and working hard to keep up with demand.  This week’s show featured their new Goldies Strawberry Blond Ale.  As a closet brewer, I’ll admit I was most interested in their story of how the strawberries were prepared and used.  For those that missed it the guys prepared the berries in a juicer, ran the juice through cheesecloth, boiled it down and added it to the secondary fermentation.  This makes the strawberries part of the beer and not just an add-in extract.  I was also excited to hear that their new IPA (I Love PA) will also be featured on the show soon.  For those of you out and about tonight (8/7), we hope to be tasting both the Goldies Strawberry Blond and I Love PA at Elmer Sudds during happy hour!

Congratulations & cheers guys…great show and thank you for mentioning mybeerbuzz.com!

06 August 2009

Breaker Brewing Co – I Love PA (IPA)

Breaker BrewingIlovePAJust thought you want an early peek at the logo/label for the new Breaker Brewing Co beer, I love PA.  Chris tells me this is an IPA/Pale Ale mix and should be out soon.  Stay tuned for details.

**UPDATE**  I Love PA (IPA) is NOW on tap @ Elmer Sudds as of 8/4 !!