27 December 2009

Breaker Brewing Co – 16-Ton IPA (DIPA)

Breaker16TonLabel Here’s your first peek at the label for the new Breaker Brewing Co Double IPA to be named 16-Ton IPA.  Can’t wait to try this one….and yes it’s really 10.6% ABV and yes that’s a label for bombers.!

12 December 2009

Breaker Brewing Co – Belsnickler on Tap & In Bottles



I’ve had LOTS of requests to know where Belsnickler can be found locally…so this from Chris:

Belsnickler is on tap at:

Elmer Sudds:
Kelsey's Restaurant
Anthracite Cafe
Purvs Beer & More
Madisons Vodka Bar & Steakhouse
Backyard Ale House
15th St Beer Warehouse (soon)

Bottles are available at:

Elmer Sudds 
Ice House Pub 
Purvs Beer & More
Krugels Deli & Beer
Bill B’s (Dunmore)
15th St Beer Warehouse

06 December 2009

Breaker Brewing Co – Holiday Brewing

Just thought you all want to see what a little holiday brewing looks like @ Breaker Brewing Co.  The guys tell me they’re brewing Goldies today…and what a festive way to do it.

04 December 2009

Chip the Beer Guy Rock 107 – Breaker Brewing Belsnickler

Breakerbelsnickler-v3 It’s always fun to hear Mark & Chris from Breaker Brewing Co on the show and today was no exception.  Today’s show featured the BBC Belsnickler Holiday Ale.  I was lucky enough to get to try a few of the various batches of Belsnickler at the brewery a few weeks ago, and again at the Split Rock beer festival, ok and I’ll admit I tasted it again at the Anthracite Cafe and even again last week at Elmer Sudds.  I know what you’re thinking but I assure you it was all in the name of science or journalism or both; but you can never be too sure about really liking a beer.  Of course I really like this one a lot.  I’ll admit to being a lover of holiday beers and a lover of Belgian-yeast beers, and a lover of Belgian candied sugar beers and sure enough Belsnickler has them all.

I thought it would be fun to google “Belsnickler” so I did.  Ironically enough the first page or so of hits came from breakerbrewing.com, mybeerbuzz.com and our various Twitter and Facebook accounts.  After that, there were some great Germanic and Canadian stories about groups of Belsnicklers, dressed in fur masks visiting homes, receiving treats and giving gifts to all the children.  In some German cultures, Belsnickler actually means Father Christmas or Santa Claus.  I also found out that there is a verb “Belsnickling” and as it turns out Belsnickling is much like our modern day trick-or-treating with children dressing up and receiving treats as they visited homes.  So in addition to the Belsnickler label (be sure to click on it and read the text), I also present for you some Belsnickler Masks and images.

So to all you little Belsnicklers out there, be sure to get out and try some Belsnickler Ale.  Otherwise the sinister santa ghost of christmas-past (and his whip) may come Belsnickling to your door.  If he does come knocking, be sure to have an extra snifter ready to enjoy some Breaker Brewing Belsnickler Ale.  I know there’s a bottle waiting in my basement just in case I get Belsnickled.  Cheers guys…great beer & great show.

image image
farmhouseBelschnickleCMYKlightened.jpg Belschnickle at National Christmas Center image by HerRoyalHighness

02 December 2009

Breaker Brewing Belsnickler Bottles

OK So I just love saying that and I’ll find any excuse to do so.  Here’s Chris filling some bottles….”for your holiday enjoyment.”

30 November 2009

Breaker Brewing Co Belsnickler Bottles NOW Available

BreakerBrewingBelsnicklerBottlesBreaker Brewing Co Belsnickler Bottles are starting to find their way out to our local beer establishments.  Stay tuned to this post for updates. So far you can find Belsnickler bottles at:



Ice House - Mountaintop

21 November 2009

Breaker Brewing Co @ Split Rock Beer Festival

breakerBrewingFestival Just a quick photo of Chris manning the coal car jockey box @ the Split Rock Beer Festival…see you all there tomorrow (Sun).

20 November 2009

Breaker Brewing – Belsnickler Pre-Release

BreakerBelsnickler8 The guys at Breaker Brewing were nice enough to invite me down to the brewery for a pre-release tasting of their new Belsnickler Holiday Ale.  We sampled a glass or three and I’m excited to say the brew came out wonderful.  The nose is sweet with candied-sugar and the finish easily hides the 8.1% ABV.  I’m excited to report that the first BBC holiday ale is tasty and I can’t wait to sit one down and see how it tastes in the future.  Belsnickler will be available on tap at many of our BBC bars and also in bottles (release dates and locations coming soon)….so stay tuned for details.  Thanks to Mark & Chris for the pre-release sample and for Tom and Brandon (and Kirby) for the entertaining evening.  Sorry for the late night guys…

By the way I also had a chance to sample the latest Malty McGuire and I Love PA recipes, and you’re all in for a treat…so watch for release dates and don’t forget the guys will be pouring this weekend at the Splitrock Beer Festival so be sure to stop by and say hi.

18 November 2009

Breaker Brewing Co – Split Rock Beer Festival

BreakerBrewingVanJust a quick reminder that the guys from breaker Brewing willbe pouring their beers at the Split Rock Beer Festival this Sat and Sun (11/21 & 11/22 12-4PM).  Be sure to stop in and sample their beverages and show your love for our local brewery.

Breaker Brewing Co – Some New Tap Handles

Mark & Chris not only brew the beer, but they also create the tap handles.  Thought you’d like a peek at the tap-handle-assembly-line.  Astute viewers will note the Belsnickler handle!  The guys also tell me they plan to pour their beers at the Split Rock Beer Festival this weekend.  See you guys Sunday!

23 October 2009

Chip the Beer Guy Rock 107 – Breaker Brewing Co Pot Belly Pumpkin

BreakerBrewingC On today’s show we discussed the concept of beer & food pairing …matching interesting beers with foods that compliment them, or vice versa ;).  I’ll admit this is a concept I’ve just started to become interested in and other than Nachos, Pizza and cheesy-fries; I’ve done little experimentation.  The guys paired pasta and Vodka Sauce with a German Blonde Bock that Chip brought home in the patented (or yet to be patented) beer suitcase.  Now I’ll admit I wouldn’t have jumped in with a Italian sauce and German light Bock beer, but again what do I know.  For anyone interested there has been some discussion of a beer & food group locally…stay tuned for details.

So on to the show….It’s always nice to hear Mark & Chris on the air and today was no exception.  Today the show featured their Pot Belly Pumpkin Ale (available at Kelsey’s in Ashley).  I hope to be tasting this beer tonight actually at Elmer Sudds, but it sounded good.  The guys also discussed the reformulated I Love PA (another beer I hop to be trying this evening), the upcoming holiday Belsnickler Ale, and their work on the new 16-ton Imperial IPA to be released late winter/early spring.  Turns out there are two versions of the Belsnickler Belgian-ish ale, one darker than the other.  I’m not sure if they will each be bottled or if the guys intend to blend them before bottling.  Either way it sounds like we’re in for an interesting 8% ABV + holiday warmer and an exciting Imperial IPA in the spring.

Cheers Guys…..great show….and be sure to click on the photo.

20 October 2009

Breaker Brewing Belsnickler Bottles

imageI couldn’t resist the alliteration and an easy excuse to show you a peek of the 22oz bottles getting ready to be filled with Breaker Brewing Belsnickler.

15 October 2009

Breaker Brewing Co – Belsnickler & News

Breakerbelsnickler-v3 From Chris @ Breaker Brewing:

Our Pumpkin has been selling well and is on tap at a variety of our bars.  Coopers Scranton an AuRants will both soon be serving BBC Beer. Speaking of the Potbelly Pumpkin Ale it will be available next week during Backyard Ale House Fest.

We submitted our label for Belsnickler Ale to the TTB for approval in 22oz bottles.

The latest version of I-Love-PA came out I think where we wanted it to be...Grotto @ the lake just purchases 3 kegs of that, finally changing out the Anthracite Ale the has been running all summer.

Also we have been getting some requests to brew the Malty Maguire again so I believe we will be doing that before years end....

And it sounds to me like the guys maybe looking for some more real-estate (i.e. a building!)

04 October 2009

Breaker Brewing – Pot Belly Pumpkin is out!

BreakBrewingPotBellyPumnpkinJust thought you’d want a quick peek at the Breaker Brewing Pot Belly Pumpkin Ale handle.  They just delivered the first keg to Kelsey’s and it should be on tap there and other BB bars soon. 

30 September 2009

Breaker Brewing – News & Brews

BreakerBrewingLogoNew Just heard from Chris @ Breaker and he tells me They’ve just added Madison’s in Nanticoke to their list of Breaker bars (Anthracite Ale coming up). They will also will be working with the Wilkes-Barre Breakers Rugby team to make them their own beer tentatively named "Bloody Rugger Ale". The Breaker Brewing Pumpkin ale is almost ready and should be in some bars by next week, they have made a few batches of Belsnickler Ale to be ready for December. Also some time in January keep and eye out for their "16 Ton IPA" which will be an imperial IPA and Lunch Pail Ale which will be a very similar recipe to the original I-Love-PA.  Good stuff guys…can’t wait to try all the new beers.

29 September 2009

Breaker Brewing Co – Samples in Wilkes-Barre for the Ousterhout Library

I’ve just heard from the guys that they will be pouring samples this Sat (10/3) on the rooftop.

Host:  Osterhout Free Library

Date:  Saturday, October 3, 2009

Time:  5:00pm - 7:30pm

Location:  Park & Lock East Parking Garage Roof

Street:  Corner of Market and Washington Streets

City/Town:  Wilkes-Barre, PA

Email:  ckelly@osterhout.lib.pa.us

Wilkes-Barre is going Topless! We are Raising the Roof with a Happy Hour Party on the Park & Lock East Garage Roof. Everyone over 21 is welcome. All proceeds benefit the Osterhout Library.

14 September 2009

Breaker Brewing Co – Pot Belly Pumpkin Peek

BreakerBrewingPumpkinJust thought you’d want to see a quick peek at Breaker Brewing Co’s new Pot Belly Pumpkin Ale going into the tanks.  It’s actually more of a picture of Mark looking into the tanks, but you get the idea.  Stay tuned for details on the release of Pot Belly Pumpkin Ale.

11 September 2009

Chip the Beer Guy Rock 107 – Breaker Brewing Olde King Coal Stout

BreakerBrewingLogoNewToday’s show featured our very own Chris & Mark from Breaker Brewing Company.  As I reported earlier, there is a lot of good news coming out of Breaker Brewing.  More and more local beer bars are serving up BBC beers, so many that the guys just had to purchase 30 more sixtels.  There are three new beers coming, Lunch Pale Ale (the renamed first version of I Love PA IPA), a new hoppier I Love PA (in the tanks now), the new Pot Belly Pumpkin Ale (also in the tanks) and their Christmas/Holiday ale to be named Belsnickler Ale—with Belgian candied sugar.  It’s always great to hear the guys on the radio and more importantly getting the recognition they deserve.  We very quickly forget how hard it is to do what Chris & Mark are doing, let alone how hard it is to be successful doing it.  Keep in mind Breaker Brewing Co is their second job.

Today the guys tasted Olde King Coal Stout, one of my favorite BBC beers.  They also revealed that their Belsnickler Ale will be bottled in bombers for aging and also perhaps aged in oak barrels for later consumption (stay tuned for details).

Congratulations guys and thanks to Chip, John, Jay & Ruthie for an entertaining show.  Cheers!

02 September 2009

Breaker Brewing Co – More New Beers & Seasonals

BreakerBrewingGuysI just heard from Chris @ Breaker Brewing Co.  He tells me they will be re-working their I Love PA IPA to be much hoppier, and re-naming the original brew as Lunch Pale Ale (and keeping it in the line-up).  Chris also tells me they are working on their Pot Belly Pumpkin Ale and their Christmas/Holiday ale to be names Belsnickler Ale.  Breaker Brewing Co has also recently purchased 30 more kegs for increased distribution and they’ve signed up for the Great Beers of America Split Rock beer festival in Nov.  Cheers and congratulations guys…

07 August 2009

Chip the Beer Guy Rock 107 – Breaker Brewing Goldies Strawberry Blond

BreakerBrewingVan It’s always exciting to hear Chris & Mark on the radio and even more exciting to hear how well Breaker Brewing Co has been doing.  Breaker Brewing Co is now serving their beers in 9 local bars (Elmer Sudds, Kelsey’s, The Anthracite Cafe, Dugan’s, BaR, Purvs, Backyard Ale House, Grotto Harvey’s Lake, and the Arena) and working hard to keep up with demand.  This week’s show featured their new Goldies Strawberry Blond Ale.  As a closet brewer, I’ll admit I was most interested in their story of how the strawberries were prepared and used.  For those that missed it the guys prepared the berries in a juicer, ran the juice through cheesecloth, boiled it down and added it to the secondary fermentation.  This makes the strawberries part of the beer and not just an add-in extract.  I was also excited to hear that their new IPA (I Love PA) will also be featured on the show soon.  For those of you out and about tonight (8/7), we hope to be tasting both the Goldies Strawberry Blond and I Love PA at Elmer Sudds during happy hour!

Congratulations & cheers guys…great show and thank you for mentioning mybeerbuzz.com!

06 August 2009

Breaker Brewing Co – I Love PA (IPA)

Breaker BrewingIlovePAJust thought you want an early peek at the logo/label for the new Breaker Brewing Co beer, I love PA.  Chris tells me this is an IPA/Pale Ale mix and should be out soon.  Stay tuned for details.

**UPDATE**  I Love PA (IPA) is NOW on tap @ Elmer Sudds as of 8/4 !!

15 July 2009

Breaker Brewing Co – New Beers

BreakerBrewingLogo1 I just heard from Chris @ BBC and he tells me…

  • The Goldies Strawberry Blonde is just about ready.  Stay tuned for details on when/where we can try it.
  • The new hoppy IPA/Pale Ale beer I-Love-PA is in the tanks and they are awaiting PLCB paperwork.  Assuming that works out and the beer comes out OK, they’ll have two batches ready in about 2 or 3 weeks.
  • The guys will be holding a Meet the Brewers night at the Arena on 7/23 (tasting and some free T-Shirts)
  • Stay tuned for further details.

02 July 2009

Breaker Brewing Co – Pale Ale / IPA Coming Soon

BreakerBrewingLogo I’ve just heard from Chris & Mark and as we speak they are brewing a Pale Ale / IPA style beer.  Stay tuned for more details to follow but I personally can’t wait.

20 May 2009

Breaker Brewing Co - Goldies Strawberry Blonde Ale

I just spoke with Chris and he tells me they are experimenting with a new version of their Goldies Ale using 20lbs or so of fresh Strawberries to be called Goldies Strawberry Blonde Ale. Stay tuned for updates.

Chris also tells me they'll be appearing on Chip the Beer Guy in the next week or two....again stay tuned for details.

08 May 2009

Chip the Beer Guy Rock 107 - Breaker Brewing Co Anthracite Ale

It was quite a lovely little show today on the Chip the Beer Guy program. Our guests today were none other than Chris & Mark from our very own Breaker Brewing Co. It's always wonderful to see our local brewers gaining attention, and this is certainly no exception. I've written many times about Chris & Mark's adventure in licensing and brewing and it was fun to hear the guys relate their story on the radio.

The guys poured Anthracite Ale today and talked about their origins in the brewing industry and the other beers they are brewing and planning to brew. We also found out today that Breaker Brewing Co will be appearing on the CBG show a few more times to talk about their other 3 beers and maybe even talk about a seasonal (can you say Fall Pumpkin Ale).

All in all it was a fun show to listen to, and of course it never hurts when the mybeerbuzz.com name gets mentioned on the air. Cheers to that and thank you guys for an entertaining show and of course for the beers.

To check out the podcast Clicky HERE.

06 April 2009

Elmer Sudds & Kelsies to Feature Breaker Brewing Co Beers April 24th

I've heard from John @ Elmer Sudds and he tells me that on April 24th, Elmer Sudds will be tapping 2 Breaker Brewing Co beers. Stay tuned for more details, but be sure to get out and try the new brews from Breaker Brewing Co.

UPDATE: Chris also tells me he'll be pouring 4 beers @ Kelsies in Ashley on 4/23.

25 March 2009

Breaker Brewing Co -Update

I've heard from Chris a few times and they have a few beers pretty close to being ready, they're doing more LCB paperwork and we're getting closer to seeing Breaker Brewing Co beers available.

15 March 2009

Breaker Brewing Co - Update

I just heard from Chris and he tells me that Anthracite Ale is in one tank, Goldie's Blond Ale in the second tank (both fermenting) and the guys plan to brew Old King Coal Stout & Malthy McGuire later this week. Chris tells me the goal is to have 4 beers ready when their label approval comes in. The guys also just purchased 41 sixtels that they are getting ready. Exciting stuff...and stay tuned for more details.

UPDATE to the update (3/18): I just heard from Chris and the Breaker Brewing labels have been approved by the TTB and are now off to the LCB for their approval. This is no small task so it's exciting news for the guys at Breaker. Barring any problems form the LCB, watch for Breaker Brewing Co beers to be available some time in April.

12 March 2009

Breaker Brewing Co Beers - Where are they?

Stay tuned here for listings of current Breaker Brewing Beers & where they can be found.

Anthracite Ale (Currently in the tanks)

Watch for Breaker Brewing Beers to show @:

Kelseys in Ashley
Elmer Sudds in Wilkes-Barre

UPDATE: Chris tells me they've secured some kegs to use and continue working toward getting the beer out.

25 February 2009

Breaker Brewing Co -Swag Now Available

The guys at breaker brewing Co passed on the link to their swag store. Lots of good stuff and a great logo too. Be the first in your local beer bar to sport a BB T-shirt.

Clicky HERE.

17 February 2009

mybeerbuzz.com Welcomes Breaker Brewing Co

Cheers and welcome to Breaker Brewing Co...now officially participating with mybeerbuzz.com. Welcome aboard Mark & Chris...the beer loving community Thanks you!


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