08 May 2009

Chip the Beer Guy Rock 107 - Breaker Brewing Co Anthracite Ale

It was quite a lovely little show today on the Chip the Beer Guy program. Our guests today were none other than Chris & Mark from our very own Breaker Brewing Co. It's always wonderful to see our local brewers gaining attention, and this is certainly no exception. I've written many times about Chris & Mark's adventure in licensing and brewing and it was fun to hear the guys relate their story on the radio.

The guys poured Anthracite Ale today and talked about their origins in the brewing industry and the other beers they are brewing and planning to brew. We also found out today that Breaker Brewing Co will be appearing on the CBG show a few more times to talk about their other 3 beers and maybe even talk about a seasonal (can you say Fall Pumpkin Ale).

All in all it was a fun show to listen to, and of course it never hurts when the mybeerbuzz.com name gets mentioned on the air. Cheers to that and thank you guys for an entertaining show and of course for the beers.

To check out the podcast Clicky HERE.

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