25 March 2009

Breaker Brewing Co -Update

I've heard from Chris a few times and they have a few beers pretty close to being ready, they're doing more LCB paperwork and we're getting closer to seeing Breaker Brewing Co beers available.

15 March 2009

Breaker Brewing Co - Update

I just heard from Chris and he tells me that Anthracite Ale is in one tank, Goldie's Blond Ale in the second tank (both fermenting) and the guys plan to brew Old King Coal Stout & Malthy McGuire later this week. Chris tells me the goal is to have 4 beers ready when their label approval comes in. The guys also just purchased 41 sixtels that they are getting ready. Exciting stuff...and stay tuned for more details.

UPDATE to the update (3/18): I just heard from Chris and the Breaker Brewing labels have been approved by the TTB and are now off to the LCB for their approval. This is no small task so it's exciting news for the guys at Breaker. Barring any problems form the LCB, watch for Breaker Brewing Co beers to be available some time in April.

12 March 2009

Breaker Brewing Co Beers - Where are they?

Stay tuned here for listings of current Breaker Brewing Beers & where they can be found.

Anthracite Ale (Currently in the tanks)

Watch for Breaker Brewing Beers to show @:

Kelseys in Ashley
Elmer Sudds in Wilkes-Barre

UPDATE: Chris tells me they've secured some kegs to use and continue working toward getting the beer out.