13 May 2010

Chip the Beer Guy – Breaker Brewing Co

breakerbrewingquietcanaryIt’s always fun to hear Chris & Mark from Breaker Brewing Co on the radio.  Today the guys talked a lot about their brewery expansion and some of the new brews heading our way.  They also sampled the Goldies Blonde Ale (wait can you say whore-house on the radio).  We had a chance to try their new Quiet Canary Saison-Style Ale a few weeks ago and really enjoyed it.  I think along with Goldies it will make a great summer beer, and I really like the label design.

Who can believe that Breaker Brewing Co is a year old already and already increasing brewing capacity by almost 3 times.  I’ve been following along with the build and the new system looks amazing (look down a few posts for photos)….and yes it definitely looks like the “hobby out of control” the guys mentioned on the show today.

Cheers to Goldies and thanks guys….fun show to listen to.

oops…apparently the show continued on after the three song break and they sampled Black Mariah….cheers again…another great beer.

12 May 2010

Breaker Brewing Co – Version 2.0

BreakerBrewingCoVersion2 As many of you know, the guys at Breaker Brewing Co have been busy building a new brewing system.  Their original 1.5bbl system was sold and they’ve been building out a new 4bbl system.  I saw many of the parts that they were using and I suspect it will come out great.  Here’s a first preliminary photo of what the new system looks like.  Cheers guys…..more beer for us!

02 May 2010

Breaker Brewing Co

breakerbrewingquietcanary breakerbrewingoldsystem

Just thought you’d want a peek at the label for the new Breaker Brewing Co Quiet Canary AND a quick photo of the old 1bbl brewing system from BBC as it moves on to it’s new home.  Adieu and cheers old brewing system….onward to 4bbl!